🐶 Meet Leo | pet tag 🐶


   Hi everyone, today I have a slightly different post for you. I want you to meet one very important member of my family, my dog Leo. I hope that it will be interesting for you to find out more about my life, and I wanted to change the monotony of the blog. This is a tag and whoever wants to, can join, just write me in comments so I can see it and read your answers to questions because  I love animals and I would like to meet your pets too. I hope you enjoy and I love you all!

1.What is your pet’s name?


2.How did you come up with the name, does it have any specific significance?

Honestly, as a little girl, I loved to watch a seria Charmed  and my favorite character was Leo. And my favorite actor is Leonardo Di Caprio, too, so I guess Leo was named after that. And I’ve always loved that name, Leo if he’s a male or Lola if she’s a girl.


3. How old is your pet?

Tomorrow he will be 4 years old. (10.10)

 4. When did you get your pet?

I got him in May 2014.

5. What breed is your pet?

He is Espanol Breton. A black and white one.


6. How old were you when you got your pet?

I was 15.

7.  How did you get your pet?

I had a dog from my childhood, and since she was no longer here, with me, I wanted someone to fill that place. After some 4-5 years, my parents decided to accept this challenge once more and I never regretted it, although it is sometimes difficult. But the dog is the best human friend.

8What is your pet’s favorite food?
Leo eats almost everuthing, but he loves the most those like treats for dogs.

9. What is your pet’s favorite game?

Like most dogs, he likes to run for balls and explore the world around him.

10. What is your favorite thing to do together?

This will be very weird, but I adore when he is sleeping at my feet and heats it.

11. Do you go outdoors? If yes, where is your favorite place to go together?
Leo and I are walking every day  in the morning and in the evening. We like to walk in some distant places, to the nearby hill or something like that.

12. What is a bad habit that your pet has?
He is stubborn and he will not give up on some occasion, as if he is a boss. But I adore him no matter what.


13. What is the best thing about your pet has?

Heart. He is very tied to me and my family and that’s the most beautiful thing about him.

14. What is the hardest thing about being a pet owner?

My dog lives in the apartment and the problem is just cleaning, it has a lot of hair and so on, but Leo is learned  to go outside for the toilet always and similar things.

15. Does you pet have a nickname and what is it?
His real name is actually Leon, so Leo comes in as a nickname. But we also call him Leci very often or we tweak him from ‘Bubica’ in Serbian and something like that, you know already.


  Here I put in a couple of pictures that are very important to me, so I hope you will like it too. That would be all and I hope you liked it. Leave me pictures of your pets, if you have them, I can not wait to see them. And do not forget, dogs and cats and any animals are living beings, too. Like you, like me. That’s why you need to love them, don’t hurt them. I love you all, and Leo loves you too ! ❤



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