My top 11 habits for living a better life

Hi everyone, here’s the new post. Today we are talking about my favorite ways to feel better in life. These are just my examples and something that I am trying to apply  almost every day. Life is short, so let’s live it the best way that  we can. In my comments, write to me what are your favorite ways to feel more organized, happier and better during the day. I love you all and I hope you will enjoy!  ❤

1. Drink more water 

Water is very important because, above all, it is an integral part of our beings. When you are drinking water, you feel a more fresh, relaxed. We all know that water is very important, and that we have to drink plenty of water for the proper functioning of our bodies and so on. In other words, if we give only water to plants, just like animals, why do we then drink just bad drinks?


2. Wake up early

If you don’t have time for yourself, create time. If you like morning coffee in the early morning, get up half an hour earlier. If you like to sleep longer, lie an hour earlier. There is time, only we need to learn how to use it. That’s why it’s important for me to get up early every day because I’m a morning person and I love peace and the quietness that mornings offers to me.


3. Walk more 

Walking is very important and it is so simple. And you can save money on fuel, transportation by walking, too. So the next time you want to sit in the car,  better take a walk. Breathe clean air, clear your mind. The night walk is very important before bedtime so that our thoughts can be cleared and all negativity emanated from us.


4. Live, love, dance

It’s important in your life that you love someone. Something. To create the most beautiful feeling in you, love. Dancing through life, do not let that ugly world spoil you. Your soul is born clean, wash your fingers before you touch it. Live your  life, you are worth it. For everything that comes and leaves, it all  comes and goes with life. Go away with it. So enjoy yourself, boost music as it used to, and dance as the neighbors watch. It’s fine to live your life the best way you can do. 


5. Find some hobby

If you don’t do what you love in your life, then find a hobby. Not everyone needs to see what you are doing, it’s important that it fills your soul. Find something you love and create. Just create and love. It’s irrelevant how and what. Just fill your soul in time and fulfill your time before it fills you.


6. Start every day again

Each of us have bad days. But no one’s life is bad. You have to believe it will be better tomorrow. And the better days  will come. You will one day wake up and you will not feel the pain of yesterday. That’s why you need to try to start each day from scratch. What was wrong yesterday, forget it. Past is past. Let it stay behind.


7. Don’t use the phone while you are with people

Today we are increasingly neglecting each other because of our ‘friends’ phones. Never forget, these devices are not people. Even if you keep in touch with some people with your phone, the phone will never have their eye color, their voice, their smell. If you are with people, be with people. Enjoy your laughter and life. Your phone will be fine  without you, don’t forget it.


8. Find time for yourself

The love you cultivate toward others, first of all, you need to learn to provide yourself. Find these half an hour, or an hour during the day to relax and say to yourself, ‘I will do this, I have succeeded, everything will be fine’. Read the book, watch the movie, go out with the friends. At the end of the day, you are left to yourself. No school, no business. You. So watch yourself. 


9. Clean more

If you want pure thoughts, clean the place where you live. You can make your bed every day, clean the table. Just enjoy a sense of purity.


10. Take a picture of nature around you

Enjoy a bit in the nature that surrounds you. It is given to you and belongs to you. Watch how in the fall the leaves change color, rejoice in the snow as a little child. You can paint or photograph the landscapes you see, or you can simply remember them with your heart. Enjoy the world that surrounds you, because the world is much more than you think. And maybe you meet someone, maybe that one becomes your destiny, friend, business partner. Find life in your life, and he is trust me, everywhere around you.

11. Be romantic for little things

Small things make up our lives. So pick the rose to the girl when you see her growing lonely alongside the road. Write a song to your dear one. Give her a song that reminds you of her. Hold her hand, and when they try to separate you. Life is in small trifles, so you can try to be as romantic as you can in them. Because romance means love. And we all know what love is.  ❤


I’ll leave links to some people and their blogs so that you can look at them yourself and read their stories. I’m sorry if your name will not be found, but believe me, I will randomly pull out a couple of bloggers as a thank you, and there will be more of these posts, so I’ll make sure everyone’s name is meaningful. Thanks again.

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