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Hi everyone, for today I have a different post where I will answer the questions that you asked me when you nominated me for various awards. I am very sad  that I can’t make a special post for all of you, and that’s why I will thank you all for  nominating and I will answer to some of your questions in this post. If your questions are not found here, know that I will make more posts like this soon. Thank you all for the nomination, and I have only two questions for you, and I would like you to reply me in the comments :
1 What happiness is for you and are you happy?
2. What is love for you and are you in love?


Thank you all, enjoy!

1. What get’s you through a bad day ?

Sometimes I like to have those dear people and share with them everything that is troubling me, while on the other days I like to be alone, to get a good book, to watch my favorite series, or to listen  music. I do my best to dedicate myself to my soul, and in the end it all will passes. It is important to not give up, because the sun always comes after each rain.

2. Who has been your role model and why ?

Honestly, I never had any model that I could now tell you that he or she is exactly my role model.  I have always looked at all people, on good one because I wanted to be like them, and on the bad  one  to never become the same as they are.

3. Would you rather have more time or money?

Of course, the time because if  we can have more time, we would have both, money and, of course, more happiness and time to dedicate ourselves to dear people and ourselves, so the money wouldn’t be so important to us.

4. Why do you write?

Since I was a little girl, I was told that I am extremely talented and that I have feelings and what is needed for a writer, so that I have developed my talent for years, because writing is something nobody will be able to take away from me, which will be forever only my and that’s the huge reason why I write. Because it belongs to me, and it will remain and after me like something I made with my own hands.

5. Which is the first book that made you cry?

To be honest, I have read a lot of books, but I don’t remember I was crying about a book. The reason for this is that I’ve never read the lawsuit and the sad book, so I have no reason to cry.

6. Do you think someone could be a writer if they don’t feel emotions strongly?

This is a very questionable question. I think that maybe there shouldn’t be some sense of emotion, but that he must understand the feelings. I consider writers are one of the great psychologists of humans life and of the people themselves, and that they must understand what they are writing about, in other words, the work will be written, but not so  good, and it wouldn’t be a work that leaves a sense of emotion.

7. If you could tell your younger writting self anything, what it would be?

Don’t you dare to give up,  never give up because it’s your talent that only you have, and other people can only be jealous. So do not give it, and just go straight to your goal. And just  remember, you are not alone, never.

8. If you could bring back anyone from the dead, who would it be?

Well, I do not have anyone I know, who was close to me, that he is dead. But here, If I can, I would bring you back someone that you lost.

9. What freedom means to you?

Freedom to me means that I can say what I want, without being convicted, that I can choose my own paths and that I have the respect from other people for my choices. But most of all, my freedom is when I love someone and when I can fly the whole world on the wings of love. Love is the greatest freedom for me.

10. Do you think war is solution of everything?

I would never think of it. The war did not bring any good to people. I consider myself that we are all human, and we are able to solve some things by talking and by some other forms, not by killing and destroying other lives for the part of the earth.

11. Describe yourself in 5 words.

I am stubborn, persistent, ambitious, responsible and a bit selfish.

Thanks to these wonderful people on the questions :

I did not answer all of them, but I only chose the one I had the answer. Thank you very much, and the rest of the questions will be found in some future post. I hope you enjoyed. I love you ! ❤



55 thoughts on “You ask, I answer | mteodoraa

  1. Novus Lectio says:

    Happiness is to feel good about something you achieved or that happened without your intervention. Am i happy at the moment ? No unfortunately.

    Love is to be passionate about something or someone. Am i in love today? No I’m not.

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  2. weedjee says:

    Congrats and is so dificult talking about love, love could be lots of meanings… a puzzle where you’re seeing at the end of the day and then it was a nice day, a humble & integrity citizen. If you’re love you’re a zombie.
    In order to happiness, well the top of this world doesn’t exist, you must be walking in order to happiness and whole happiness is the philosopher stone to the mankind and alchemy isn’t a tested proof in the modern times.
    Happy weekend

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  3. Tom Being Tom says:

    Happiness, now there’s a subject I’ve studied extensively! As a younger man, never happy. Moments of joy and exuberance, but never fully happy. Always looking for my place “in the scheme of things.” But, with age comes wisdom, or the semblance of the same, and I found that happiness is not where you are, but who you are. “To thine own self be true” is an old cliche now, but if I could teach anyone, anything, at any age, it is that!

    I am very happy now. Everyday, I am Tom!

    Love is nearly as elusive as happiness, and has even more meanings! Love can be what I feel for the Los Angeles Rams (I love football!), it can be the true acceptance of one’s self (see above), and it can be romantic love. My assumption is you mean romantic love! If so, very much, yes. My wife and I renewed our 20-year anniversary over the summer and, love, to us, is the giving of that true self to the other, without condition, judgement, or the sad attempt to mold the other into the “ideal.” Accept them as the wonder that they are! I am very much in love and, after 20 and more years with this woman, I am more in love today than ever!

    Great answers,Manic One… always a pleasure reading your uplifting prose!

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  4. Diana says:

    Wonderful and enlightening dear Manić. I especially like to comment about “flying the whoe world on the wings of love”. You and I are cut from the same piece of endearing cloth. Have a wonderful week! 🙂

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  5. rolandlegge says:

    I appreciate how you answered all the questions. I agree with your point of view on war. War is no good for any one. It is not the leaders who start the wars who die it is the common people. I appreciate your ability to write and I like how you think for your self. Blessings Roland 🙂💗

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  6. Ward Clever says:

    Happiness is transient; but meaningful happiness is not. That is the feeling of being enveloped in a warm embrace, with seemingly neverending good feelings and an invulnerability.
    I am mixed in this, but absolutely trending towards happy. No, I am happy completely, with one tiny thing making me unhappy, that will soon change.

    Love is that condition where someone else’s happiness is essential to your own. – Robert Heinlein
    I am in love. Definitely. Completely.

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