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Hi people, how are you? I am  here with the new post and I have one tag post for today. This is Christmas tag. In December, I will throw out such a little shorter posts because I’m working on a very hard and long post, at least for me, which will soon be kicked out and I can’t wait to see your reaction to that post. Can you guess what it will be about? Write me your opinion in comments, I am  hardly waiting to hear your opinions.

As for today’s post, I will answer a few questions about Christmas. I love December, Christmas holidays, and as you know, I’m born on Christmas day, too. So, for me, this is the most beautiful period of the year, and I can’t wait for December and January to share it with my friends and family. So let’s get into the Christmas euphoria with this tag and to enjoy in Christmas together. I love you all and enjoy in this period that is ahead of us!

1. What is your favourite Christmas film?

I, as a little girl, loved to watch cartoon AnanaBelle’s wish, and that would be and remain my favorite cartoon. But the real movie I loved is Elf.

2. What is your favourite Christmas song?

Well I don’t have favourite song for Christmas..

3. Where do you spend your holiday?

I spend most of my time in my city, surrounded by friends and family. During the winter I don’t like to travel, so I stay at home.

4. What is your favorite thing about Christmas?

My favorite thing is that somehow everything gets so shine, everything gets meaning. We all are together,it is all kind of so cold, and that makes us warm, it connects us. Christmas has always played this role, to connect people and to make them feel finally like in their home.


5. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?

I have plenty of places that I would like to visit during Christmas time, but let it be Moscow and New York. I would like to visit them because they are both my favorite town, and I think they are definitely beautiful during the winter and Christmas holidays.

6. What makes the holiday special for you?

But the whole euphoria , too many light bulbs, snow, hot chocolate,  caps and scarfs, children with smiles, everything is so perfect when Christmas comes.

7. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?

I will be most honest, I love to get gifts, but more than that, I like to give presents. I like to pack gifts, to write cards, and give it to other people to make them happy.

8. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?

My Christmas tree is fake, one day I hope to have a real tree, but  tree that I have works well and I adore it.


10. What is one thing you asked for Christmas?

I want the health for all of us, for all of you. I’m looking for love and I’m looking for the strength to endure everything that’s coming. Most of all, I want the health of all in the world and a little peace, that we can enjoy the life that is given to us.


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I love you all, happy holidays ! ❤


51 thoughts on “The Christmas tag | mteodoraa

  1. Roland Legge says:

    Hello, my friend. I wish you a beautiful Christmas season. I am thankful to have found your blog. I appreciate how you write with wisdom, love, compassion, and honesty. You are a breath of fresh air in a world that seems to have gone crazy. I am getting better with Christmas. When I was a child Christmas was magical. During my first marriage, it was the most stressful time of the year. It has taken years to reclaim the joy of Christmas. I have been happily married to Jen for 13 years now. She loves Christmas. I do love the religious message of Christmas of peace and justice for the world. I love the coming together of family and friends. I do enjoy the gifts. I think I like giving more than receiving. My wife and I give each other library books each Christmas. A few days before Christmas we both go to the library and choose books for each other. We love it. I look forward to your blog. I wish you love, peace and justice this day and every day.

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  2. weedjee says:

    First of all Merry Christmas and order in the questioner… 1- Rudolph in the hooves Of fire from BBC series 2- three wises by Rod Stewart 3- From my dad was victim from Alzheimer I don’t celebrate the Xmas season and enjoying city in Madrid 4-in time of consumism and wasted money and bright , peace and silence 5-S.Petersburg, Edinburgh, Moscow… lots of places… 6- a table with full Christmas desserts as marzipan, turrón (nougat)… and keepsakes from my dad 7-I prefer giving gifts more than receiving gift I hate this period, sorry I think so. 8-Xmas tree’s fake I prefer crib. 10 a thing is sure health and your can be getting all goals through years love so on…
    Love and all the best in Christmas season 😘😘😘😘

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  3. birdlady612 says:

    My favorite Christmas special is A Charlie Brown Christmas and my favorite song is Grandma got run over by a reindeer.. hee hee.. Merry Christmas 🙋🐦🎅

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