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Hi everyone, and here’s the last post from 2017. Do I have to talk to you at all how fast it went and where did it get so quickly? No, let’s not keep on the fact that the weather is passing quickly. I’m here to share some of my favorites with you in 2017. The products I liked, , movies, and everything else that made me happy this year. I want to tell you that every New Year gives us a chance for a new beginning. Get in touch and smile in the new 2018, so we’ll see how she will welcome us.

I want for you in this year that will come, a lot of health in the first place, then happiness, love, courage, will, I want everything you want for yourself when you think of desire in the night. Life is short, but let’s not cut it out more than we can, right? Let’s have fun in these wonderful days that are in line with us, all the challenges that will just come, and I’m ready to welcome them, so let’s meet them together. Let’s love it, we grunge longer, we sit harder, laugh more honestly, let’s enjoy the life that is in front of us. And the new year 2018.

However, I would turn to the end for the year she passed. It was one successful year, I achieved various successes, but I lost some people, friends released me, I entrusted my heart to fake souls. But all in all, this was an interesting ride. We’re not going to look here at the nasty things. I want to share with you my 7 group favorites for this 2017 year. I want you to forget everything ugly, that this year only remains the best for you. Life passes quickly, the pain you feel today, tomorrow will be smaller. Give yourself a little odious, a little hope. That’s why there are Christmas and New Year’s holidays. To give us faith.

I love you all, and I wish you a beautiful end of 2017, but even more beautiful start of the new 2018 year. Enjoy in society, in yourself, in the snow, in freedom. Write to me how you spent the New Year’s Eve and what was most pleasing to you during this year. I want the most beautiful New year from my heart to all of you!

1. Books



The first category of my favorites for 2017 is, of course, a group with books. During this year I read an unseen number of books, but I still had to extract a favorite book. In one of the posts before, I mentioned that my favorite writer was Guillaume Musso  , so it is no wonder that his book will be one of the favorites this year. I’ll leave you a picture of a book in the serbian language, as well as a description of the book in English. I do not want to do a detailed review of this book because it’s not a post for it, but it’s a very beautiful love story of a man who fights for his love to the very end, but also a woman who has suffered a lot in her life and her shadows of the past are now coming to light of the day. Will they love the same if they find out the partner’s dark side? Or will it possibly further deepen their love?

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 I remember the moment very well. We were looking out over the sea, the horizon shining, when Anna asked the question:

‘If I did something terrible,

would you still love me?’

How would you have answered?

Anna was the lady of my life. We were getting married in three weeks. Of course I would love her, regardless of what she had done.

At least that’s what I thought, but she feverishly rummaged through her bag and held out a photo to me.

– I’m the one who did this.

I gazed upon her secret, stunned, and knew that our lives had been shaken forever.

In my state of shock I got up and left without saying a word. When I returned it was too late: Anna had disappeared.

And I’ve been looking for her ever since.

2. Films and series


I’m not a big fan of movies, but I’ve captured a wonderful romantic movie Endless Love. If you love the true clues of love stories, but also difficult family decisions and bickering, forbidden love, but also love that can win everything, make sure to look at this movie. For all romantic souls, you will be pleased.


And then I have three series because I am a great fan of the series.

The first is Once upon a time – a wonderful fantastic story with fairy tale characters that will bring you faith in love, family, friends.


Beauty and the beast –in this series  I have completely found, a series that has left the biggest impression on me and the series I adore. A young detective falls in love with a man who has suffered a lot, but their love is time-consuming, the police, all the villains, and even themselves.


And the last is the Lucifer series – a story about the devil itself, which tells us a different story of the devil himself. What’s the dean really? Devil gave up on hell and now he came to LA to rest from something he never wanted to do. He meets the detective here and his life changes from the root. Maybe it will burn us angels again to start ..


3. Makeup




In the favorites of this year, I put in a couple of products that are about make-up. I’m a girl, I love make-up and here I will show you the products that I really loved and used during this year. However, these are not product reviews,  just a short presentation of my favorites.


The first thing, or to say better, the first two things are two pallets of Essence. All about nudes and Shape your face pallets for contours. I’ll leave you the pictures that I took, I hope you’ll like it. Pallets are very good, quality pigment and the duration of the product itself. Definitive favorites this year, because when we connect price and quality, this brand is very good. If you are interested in more details about any product, I will be happy to make a review. Maybe there are also make up lovers among you.

The other thing is Ingrid’s make-up foundation. It’s also has affordable price, and it’s phenomenal quality. It overlaps very well, it’s not hard on the face, it can be upgraded well and it’s quite a good foundation for my taste. I do not like make-up foundations like facial mask, and this one is all the opposite. I’ll leave you the links of all the products, too.

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And the third thing is the two inevitable lipstick of Golden Rose, the Velvet Matte Collection. Do I have to repeat it in favorable, but quality? In these favorites, I have included things that we all can afford. They are very pigmented and very long lasting on the lips. Although they are matte, they are not tight and do not dry lips. The red one shade is 15, and the darker red is 23.



I’m a girl, how can I have a favorite to pass without a few pieces of make-up?

4. Cosmetics


The more important thing  is the good care of our skin. Here I put a couple of products that I discovered during this year and definitely delighted them.


The first is micellar water from Garnier, one with oil. If you have not tried this micellar, and you are the fan is micellar water, I do not know what you are waiting for. Very gentle, suitable for dry skin, removes all the make-up, and even mascara if we try harder. My definitive favorite and I spent a lot of bottles of this micellar water during this year.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

The next two things are milks for the body. Balea’s blue milk is very similar to Nivea’s milk for the body. Dense, greasy, very well smudged, the phenomenal appearance gives the skin. For someone with a dry skin, prone to cracking, this milk is phenomenal. In dm in Serbia, I didn’t find him anymore ..

Another milk is also Balea’s (I adore Balea), some of the weaker hydration, but … A delicious scent. Trust me, it smells like paradise. The smell of sugar and figs will awaken all your senses. I love to swing it when I want to please myself. The fragrance is long lasting, the hydration is solid. I love it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

And the last two things are perfumes. The total difference between the smell, but I am delighted with both one and the other. The first perfume, Christina Aguilera by night, is a sweet fragrance, vanilla, coconut, sandalwood. The fragrance is basically my taste, romantic, passionate, we understend each other .. But the second one  is phenomenal, feminine smell, strong. Although I’m a vanilla fan, they both left me without word and that’s why I had to put both of them in favor.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Because, how to resist a good perfume?

5.    Driver’s license


I would not take long, but my dream was to drive a car and I was barely waiting to get a driver’s license, so this year I realized it. If there is anything good to remember in this 2017 year, then it will be exactly that.

6. All beautiful moments


This year was a hellish drive, but she had her unforgettable and beautiful moment. Not everything is always so black, we just needs to be brave and strong. Keep it all. All the beautiful, private moments will forever remain mine and will forever remain in my memory and I will hold for them through the storms and terrible things that this year.

7. YOU !

Of course, you have made this year for me wonderful. This year I started my blog that has grown a lot, I met wonderful people, beautiful souls, realized that there are more people who are similar to me, and that we are all different like that. I am so proud of you all, that you know that you can all find friends in me. I love you all, and I’m very glad that you are in a state of things!


And through the thorns and through the mud, just be brave. Happiness follows courageous, and the universe always falls in love with the lion’s heart.


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You can find my make-up favorites: ingrid’s foundation , garnier micellar water and parfum.

I love you all, happy holidays! ❤

34 thoughts on “My favorites for 2017. | mteodoraa

  1. Diana says:

    Sweet lady, an entertaining post 🙂 The friends that released you, weren’t worthy of you or perhaps have a palate that prefers white wine to robust red. Let them taste elsewhere.
    Happy New Year sunshine.. xo
    PS- Lucifer was shot in my home city, Vancouver! Well at least the first two seasons. They call my city Hollywood north.

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