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Hello everyone, today I have prepared for you 15 facts about me that I haven’t mentioned before. These are things that characterize me as a person, and I decided that, for a change, I will share it with you. If you like this post, I will do the second part, with 15 more facts about me. Enjoy, and I hope that one of you might be at least a bit like me. I love you !❤


1. I love car driving

I like to ride a car, I like long night driving in cars. As a child, I loved it and I enjoy whenever I travel somewhere for longer

2.I’m afraid of big means of transport

I’m afraid of buses, trucks, and when I walk next to them, and when I drive next to them or when I ride alongside them, I’m terribly afraid of being overturned and that they will fall over to me.

3.I love cars

I’m someone who doesn’t even get into the car, but I love cars very much. I have a specific taste for cars, they have to be elegant and  so on, but I really love them, which is strange because I am a woman.

4. I love flowers

I really love all kind of flowers, I like to have a lot of flowers in the room, I would like to have a lot of  flowers in my home and I would probably spend a large sum of money on flowers.

5. I’m afraid of a beetle

I’m horribly afraid of any kind of bug and I don’t like even butterflies.

6. I love photos

I like to photograph, but I also adore photograph people and the world around me. I love the real, done photos in albums that I can list and watch when I am nostalgic. The photographs are the most plausible evidence that the past was real.

7. I don’t like people who are trying to be at the center of attention

I don’t like too many attacking people whose only goal is to spot them. They seem to me too vast and I don’t understand the point that too much someone is trying to pay attention. If you are special, we can see it in silence.

8. Everything must be argued

Is it because of my future work, I hope, or I am born like that, but only 3 things don’t have to have argument, love, faith and courage. Everything else must have a reason and a concrete argument why this is so.

9. The room must always be clean

I don’t like mess, especially not living in disarray. That’s why the first thing I do when I get up is to clean the room, and that’s a compulsory thing for me.

10. I never dream any kind of monsters

I am not the type of person dreaming the monsters, some animals, and so on. I dream exclusively of people, most often my dreams are very emotional about me and often are parts of my past or future
11. When I see the numbers in a dream, I know that I dream it

Whenever I see a number in a dream or I hear someone dictating a number, I immediately realize that I am dreaming and I am able to wake myself out of that dream.

12. My dream is to be an FBI agent or a detective
13. I don’t like movies, I usually only watch cartoons
14. My favorite actor is Leonardo DiCaprio, and actress Angelina Jolie
15. I am extremely righteous and I consider righteousness as the highest virtue that a person can have

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I love you all! ❤


67 thoughts on “15 facts about me | mteodoraa

  1. Diana says:

    What a delightful and revealing post! I too am car and (now, latest passion) motorcycle mad. Photography also…snapping daily and lots of nature/sunsets/flowers on my insta! Yes I’m following you! I’m koletti …. 💗😍 See you there precious lady!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Kitty Jade says:

    Oh wow we have so much in common! I love cars too, and there’s nothing weird about it because we’re women! I always have to have my room tidy, it’s kind of like OCD yet not too serious. I love to take photos and learn about photography, it’s amazingly stunning.
    I loved this post! And I love your blog, keep up the good work.
    Erin x

    Liked by 4 people

  3. Rishi says:

    Although all of the points you have enshrined are interesting but the dream of FBI agent is most fascinating. I am seeking the same.😊
    I’d like to know another set of your characteristic.

    Liked by 3 people

    • mteodoraa says:

      Well, I will explain. When I wrote that I don’t like people who were paying for attention, I was thinking of people who are too hyperactive enough to diminish others’ worth. And I say this from experience because I had a friend who always had to be a leader no matter how many people would he hurt , and he hurt a lot. I consider that kind of people to be people that i don’t like because I don’t love to see how someone is hurting others only for his satisfaction. All the best to you! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  4. Josh Gross | The Jaguar says:

    Hi Manic! I also need to have a clean room; I can’t stand living someplace messy! Also, there’s nothing wrong with you liking cars, even though you’re a woman. That whole “men are supposed to like cars more than women” thing is hogwash. One’s gender doesn’t have to determine one’s hobbies.

    Liked by 2 people

  5. emilyryann says:

    I also need to have everything be completely clean! If you want to know more about me, check it out!💖 —https://emilyryannblogblog.wordpress.com/2018/02/11/get-to-know-me-better/

    Liked by 1 person

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