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You deserve the love you keep trying to give everyone else.❣

Today, for you, I have a post about 8 things you can do to make yourself feel better in your skin and to be happier. Things that will help you to love yourself. Enjoy!

1. Never apologize for who you are or what you like

You were born as a free man, and therefore you can’t allow other people to steal it from you. Never ask people why they are sitting there and just be what you want to be, and don’t explain why you love it and want it, because by your birth, you have the right to choose That’s why, if you want to appreciate yourself and to love yourself more , go from the basic, don’t explain to people why love flourishes in you and why you are what you are because you are. You are perfect. And you deserve to be loved the way you are.

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

You’re unique. You were born to separate, to be special, to be loved because you are different. Do not compare with anyone,  you are not him. But he will never be what you are. So, tailor yourself in the way you want to look when you stay alone and enjoy it. In this movie, play the role of yourself, everyone else is taken.

3. Take time to have fun

Fun is an important part of your life and therefore don’t overload your business and be overwhelmed by stress. Live life and find time for what makes you happy in life. Read a book, watch a movie, dance in a club, ride to a nearby city, enjoy in tiny moments and create memories. To be happy in your life and your skin, you have to work on that happiness.

4. Get out of your comfort zone

Often, in order to do something in life, we have to do things that we would never do. Therefore, do not ask yourself what the old man would do to you, because you don’t hang it. Get out of your zone, step into the adventure, and let yourself feel happiness, love, freedom. Usually beautiful things are waiting for the corner behind which we are afraid to turn away because we were scared  the stories that the bad things are waiting for us around the corner. Find yourself before it’s too late, maybe you will like it.

5. Meditate

Meditation is very important for cleansing your thoughts. It is best to do at least 5 minutes of meditation in the morning, before the beginning of a new day, and in the evening, when everything goes away. She purifies our thoughts and we go back to the beginning. Provide peace and connect with yourself. That is why you need to live  in peace with yourself before giving peace to someone else.

6. Learn to say no when you want to

Do not let go over yourself. If you want something, do it, but if you do not want it and you do not feel good doing it, say no. Why would you live with that you hurt yourself for someone else who does not appreciate it? The next time, when someone tries to make you do something you do not want, say NO and help yourself. Listen to yourself, you only know the way.

7. Take care of your body

In addition to mental health, learn to love your body, it is exactly what is seen on you. Give yourself a relaxing bath, a few minutes of training, body milk, massage. The outward appearance is related to the inner feeling, so do your best to feel yourself beautiful when you look at the mirror.

8. Do it now!

Whatever you want to do, do it now! You like somebody, tell him. You want to buy yourself something, buy it. You want to start a blog, start it.  People will talk, it’s yours whether you listen to them or not. Do what will make you smile  and do it now. Tomorrow might already be late.
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33 thoughts on “Tips for loving yourself more | mteodoraa

  1. vishalbheeroo says:

    The most important to love the self before showering love to the world, give time to self through meditation, learn to say No, getting out of the comfort zone is extremely important and having fun. A kickass post to start my lazy Sunday.

    Liked by 2 people

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