You ask, I answer | Very honest Q&A with mteodoraa

Hi everyone, for today post I have another q & a with a mteodoraa and I hope you’ll enjoy it. This is another way to get to know me better and to figure out a little better my wandering and hoping. I love you all and enjoy! ❣

❧  1. What’s your biggest insecurity? ❧ 

        Maybe that I’m a little more skinny than I would like to be, and then this presents me with some sort of uncertainty about my appearance. Although others tell me that I have a figure of a model and so on, I see myself with skinniness and what is strange, I tend to get fat. Well, let it be some sort of my insecurity.

 2. What would you like to be doing one year from now? ❧

      I would like to be at college, to love that college and everything about what I’m studying, and that’s good for me. I would like to be surrounded by the people I love and that all of us are healthy and well. To live in peace with myself, but also in peace with the world.

❧ 3. What motivates you to do something well? ❧

     The feeling I have after finishing that job that I had. When I do something, after that I feel like a new man. It’s like a stone fell from my heart and that’s what I love most and what motivates me most – the freedom from that problem when I am done with it.

❧ 4. What would you do with your life if nobody was watching, judging and commenting? ❧

      I would go to the streets singing and dancing, taking pictures everywhere, laughing loudly, sharing compliments with everyone, climbing to the top of the building, and probably shrieking with the happiness of everyone to hear. I would love more and I would not let people take away the things that I love.

❧ 5. Is anyone in your family in the army? ❧

      Yes, my uncle is in the army.

❧ 6. What would you name your daughter if you had one? ❧

     Aurora. 🙂

❧ 7. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender? ❧

    I think that I would be Stefan. 

❧ 8. What religion will you raise your children to practice? ❧

    Faith and religion is really a matter of ourselves and as for everything else, I think we have the right to choose what we are and how we believe and I would not go deep in that. I am Orthodox Christian religion, and if all of my family have the same faiths, then the child will probably be the same. If there are any differences in the religion, I think that when he grows up, he will choose what he will believe and in what way.

❧ 9. Do you believe in ghosts? ❧

     I can’t say that I believe that ghosts are hauling in my home while I’m sleeping, but that my legs cut off every time I stay in the dark, that’s true. As for supernatural things, I most trust in God and in the guarding angels.

❧ 10. What are you most proud of? ❧

      I’m most proud of when I don’t give up when it’s the hardest, when it hurts most. After each rain, the Sun comes out and after each bad period, a better one is coming. I’m proud simply that I don’t give up when it’s the toughest, that I’m always staying and I fight to the end.

❧ 11. If you could make one change in the world, what would it be? ❧

    I would eradicate evil among people, but first of all, I would make us equal. So everyone would have everything that he needed, there would not be people who have everything, and those who have nothing. This would reduce the rate of bad things that are happening in the world if all of them were the same as we really are, deeply, in ourselves.

❧ 12. What is your biggest goal? ❧

      To be happy. And I know this sounds like total cliches, but when you think about it, everything in life is coming and going. The college will be over, learning is done, the job comes and goes, but happiness persists. And that’s why I just want to be happy.

❧ 13. Tell me one thing that would surprise me about you. ❧

     I don’t believe in love at a distance. I know this sounds weird because I am a person who believes in love and all this, and I believe that people can love, though they are far away and that they are all miles, but I don’t believe in that I could be with someone remotely. It would hurt me too much so that I can’t see him when I need him, to hug him, just call his number and stay there within half an hour. And there, maybe it’s something weird about me that you didn’t know.

 ❧ 14. If you could be any Disney villain, who would you be?  ❧


❧ 15. What do you want to be in a professional way and why you choose that profession? ❧

      I would like to be a lawyer I decided to do this for a long time, sometimes when I was about 12 years old. I would like to have a share in bringing justice to this world because we have the least justice and I want to help other people to get justice and that is the reason why I want to be a lawyer, I hope, in a couple of years, that dream will come true.

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