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Hi everyone for the current post, I have prepared my tips and some tricks that I love to use to help me finish as many things as possible and to feel productive. In life, it is very important to create and build your own world with your own hands so I will share my favorite tricks with you and the things that help me to succeed in it. It’s not always easy to be productive, but it’s important to do your best and take a break when you need it. But in order to get out of life the best we can, maybe we need to use a little bit of strength and get together. These are my tricks for the easier realization of my dreams, these are my ways of completing easier obligations and so on. Don’t forget to write me in comments your ways that make you feel more productive. Enjoy!

  1. Set goals

The main and the starting point from which we are going is actually the weakest, which is to know exactly and set your goals. If it’s some big goals or the most common things, the goal is the goal and you will do everything to get to it. You can write your goals on plain paper, you can make your dream board, you can simply write to the computer, but it’s important to throw them out of your pocket. And it’s important to see them. When writing your goals, always be precisely targeted. Always know exactly what you want and don’t be ashamed of asking for it, as long as it is something realistic and feasible. Your goal is to enroll in college, travel or take a dog? It’s okay, these are the goals you can achieve if you try, so choose a particular college, destination or puppy, and look at it as a reminder for what you are doing at all. Let your goals always remind you why you are in where it is and why you shouldn’t give up, never!


My favorite way to visualize things, and above all, my goals, are the famous dream boards. You can easily take plain paper and stick things on it that will remind you of your dreams and that will make you go ahead of them. In the end, you will be surprised how much you actually managed to accomplish. See examples of some of the dreams boards I’ve set out for you:  


  1. Plan

 Planning is a very important thing, especially if you are a person who can easily get rid of and turn away from his path. Take a plain pen and paper and write everything you want to do that day, week, month. Make sure that by the end of the day or week, as many things are crossed out of the list. Again, don’t overdo and force yourself too hard. As with goal setting, and in planning, it’s important, to be honest, and real to yourself and to be aware of how much you can. If you think that you can and that you are just too lazy to do it or don’t have the motivation, then write it down and try to finish at least some of it. But if you know from the very beginning that this is a fight with windmills, give up and don’t waste time on irrelevant things.


You can buy planners, however, I personally love to make my own in the way it suits me. For this, you only need a notebook and a lot of creativity that I know you carry with you. If you are interested in how I plan, I will write a  blog post about it, just leave me in the comments if you want. I’ll give you a couple of ideas here to complete your planner. Creativity is important and the most important is that you have fun, while doing something that will help you to be better people and safer in yourself.


  1. The first step is always the most important step

            You planned, set your goals and what now? Now it’s very important to start, just start. Small steps also lead you to the goal, perhaps even safer than a larger one. The first step is the toughest, but believe me, if you start something to work, even if you don’t finish, you have started. You tried. I can’t give you some advice on how to actually make the first step, we all know that we have to do it ourselves. But I can tell you that the first step is all you need. So, be brave in your life and make that first step. Every step will come afterward. Don’t let to be caught in fear and start. Luck always follows the brave one.


  1. Stop multitasking

  Don’t take in your hands 10 things at the same time. At that point, you won’t be able to curtail anyone. Most often there are situations when exactly this happens. I often think that it’s okay for me to do things at the same time and that I will be able to get everything done, although this is rarely the case. I usually get upset, lose control of the same stuff, and then I just remain exhausted and, of course, I haven’t finished anything and achieved it. So don’t do this. Devote one thing to a certain time, and then when that time passes, leave it and devote yourself to another thing. It’s the only way to really do something and finish it. Is very rare that a person can do 20 things at a time, so for the beginning, it’s quite enough to go small steps but sure. It’s okay if you cross only one item from your daily list, at least you tried and got out of bed that morning. Go ahead!


  1. Create a routine

  Perhaps the most important thing here is to create your own routines, create and do things during the day as you want. Be a person who knows himself, know when you get up, when you drink coffee, just be aware of your time and use it as best you can. That’s why routine is very important because it will help you to have time for everything you want, but also to finish everything you need. Routines may at first be difficult to overcome and keep as a mandatory part of your life, but when you succeed, you will be happy. Your time will only be available to you and only you will control what you are spending the same to create the life you want to live, you deserve it!


 This was my five tips to make it easier to become productive and how to make our dreams easier to came true. This is something I listen to in my life and I hope you enjoyed it and you liked it. Be sure to write me your advice and I am more than happy to hear them! I love you and don’t forget – your life is your thing, and your dreams are what makes your life worth living! ❣

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