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Hello people, for the current post I prepared you a little bit different post, and again similar to the context of this blog itself. I want to give you 5 things that our parents didn’t say even though it was definitely needed. Just for the record, parents or anyone who keeps you,  loves and cares about you, are the people who give everything up just to give you everything, but they are not perfect. They are trying to save you from the evil of the world and in that fight, they often forget to tell you some very important things without wanting to get you upset. Sometimes, you need to know the fear itself to know how to defend yourself.


From the stories of other people and my own experience too, I collected several things that your parents may not have told you (of course, not all parents and not all of this things) and which you should definitely know. These are the facts that I may have personally experienced and felt on my skin, without being blackmailed, or I may have seen it in other people’s life. I hope you’ll enjoy this post!


  1. The money isn’t the most important thing, but… 


Parents are often picked up in this story of money knowing how much they need to feed you and take care of everything else you need for living, and they just forget that it’s not all about money. It’s not all in the money. But money is quite necessary. It is therefore important that we know that the most beautiful things are always cheap, that they can never be been bought with money. But we always have to save some. It is always necessary to separate a certain amount of money and keep it for the future. We should keep it maybe for our parents too. You never know what will happen in the future. So, don’t live for money, but spend it cleverly, and always leave something off the side for those black days when they come or for your dreams that await you.


  1. Upbringing doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to allow other people to be unkind to you


This is something that I can say freely, based on my own personal experience and almost all the people I know. Parents and people in general often forget what real upbringing means. As I grow up, I am getting to know more and more people who don’t have a smarter job in life but to point to me about some things that don’t concern me, let alone them, damaging me, my friends, family. And now the difficult part comes: a cultural person will remain silent and just nod your head, right? Well, no, it’s not like that. A cultural person in a cultural way will explain to the person concerned how things stand and in a cultural way to put himself in the first place, he will never allow others to hurt and humiliated them. Remember, culture is not just to be culture and kind, culture is just the right answer at the right time and in the right way.



  1. Always say how you fell 


Your feelings are part of you. So don’t ever swallow your noodle and don’t tell anyone about how you feel. Don’t spend hours and dark nights in a room mourning your life, people, everything that makes you unhappy. Don’t hide your happiness too. The right people will love you and be for you both in happiness and in suffering. Therefore, don’t be ashamed to be the one who you are and to feel what you feel. If someone makes you sad, tell him that. Make people aware of them and love them even if they never love you back. In a couple of years, you won’t remember and you won’t be hurt because of the refusal, it will hurt you because you have never admitted how you really feel. So tell them that you love, hate, rejoice, and enjoy watching how the world is changing. And don’t forget, the real people are always with you, so you be the right person, too!


  1. Don’t let society affects you


Perhaps this is a topic I will focus on in the future because it definitely needs attention, however, this post couldn’t go without it. Today we are all witnesses that society influences young people first of all, but they also include mature people, too. Society affects all of us, and that’s true, and that’s how it always will be. However, what if the society has a negative impact on us and it makes us change even if we don’t want to? Do we even fall under the influence of society because of insufficient confidence or simply because we think that we will be left alone, it is not a topic for now. It is only important that even most parents somehow deal with this issue when it’s too late. Whether it is because they hope it will be without consequences or you simply hide the truth so well, it is also not important. But remember, society doesn’t define who you are, you all define a society together. Don’t be fooled by the thought that if you don’t smoke or if you don’t drink every night or try a drug, the people will leave you. Maybe they will, but do you need ‘friends’ who don’t accept you as you are already and asking you to be something that you are not? Ask yourself well what kind of friends are they for real, because the word ‘friend’ has long since lost the meaning, with exceptions, of course. On the other hand, don’t think that they will keep you in the company forever even if you succumb to their influence. These are bad people. Their opinions change constantly. And it doesn’t matter what they do, everyone can do with their lives, their body, whatever they want. But not to compel other people to do what they don’t want. However, if you still agree and do something that you didn’t originally want, the only culprit here remains only to you because you were not the strong enough. Therefore, don’t listen to the stories, real friends exist and don’t judge by whether someone is smoking or similarly, judge how someone treats you. If you don’t feel nice somewhere, continue on. True people will only come if you give them a chance. And never allow society to affect you, your decisions and wishes, because nobody is worth you give up on who you really are. Not even yourself.


  1. Believe in your instinct 


Maybe this sounds familiar, and maybe most of you think: ‘I always believe in my instinct’, but is that really the truth? How many times did we just find ourselves in the dark street and felt that something was wrong, but kept going on? Imagine that dark street like anything: life, travel, relationship, friendship or indeed, a common dark street. And ask yourself. How many times have you actually continued walking with this terrible feeling that something is wrong, something doesn’t go as you would like, but you would still go ahead, you would still continue until the … abyss. Up to the end.  And then at that moment of your life, in that second, when you experience a flashback of everything, you tell yourself: ‘And if only I had listened to that stupid voice in my head’. And if you just listened …


It’s not just ‘stupid voice in your head’, that’s actually you. You are much more than you are when you look in the mirror. Often, through everyday life, we destroy the parts of ourselves that we think will never come back to us. However, they never actually left us. They are our voice, our subconscious. And believe me, they are almost always right. Instinct is a very important thing for almost all living creatures. With him, we survive. It gives us the opportunity to see fear from another perspective and run off in time. It gives us the opportunity to feel more than the sense of feeling gives to us and lead us into a deeper version of ourselves. That is why it is important to listen to you first. And you will hear, only if you know you know how to listen. Perhaps the parents didn’t mention it, but each of us always senses something and always senses that something will happen before it actually happens, but we ignore that feeling only because we don’t often feel it and because we don’t listen to ourselves enough. It doesn’t mean, of course, for all things in life, but there are things you can feel before they happened sometimes. Just like the danger at the end of a dark street…

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So, the next time you feel that something is wrong or that you need to do or say something, do it. Feel yourself and this inner voice, you may discover some other dimension of what actually are you. Good luck! ❣


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21 thoughts on “Things that our parents never said | mteodoraa

  1. Sri Taris says:

    I think this a great post, very well written, and very insightful. Everyone who reads this post, I believe, will have a great appreciation for this composition. It’s a great reminder of things known and gives marvelous insight, bringing to surface to readers some thoughts that may not have yet been thought. Much gratitude for your energy and love, I’ll be looking forward to reading more of your post in the future fellow deep diver. Peace, Love, and Harmony!

    Liked by 3 people

  2. vishalbheeroo says:

    Oh wow I was reading this post till the end and saw my name. Thanks for the greeting and it means a lot. What a wonderful gift! This post speaks straight to me about things I missed, hesitation in telling things to people and from now on, promise will tell people how I feel! It’s very important for our mental sanity and always listening to the sign rather than regretting later.

    Liked by 2 people

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