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Hi everyone, for today I have prepared one of my favorite posts and that is my 5 rules or 5 beliefs that we keep blindly, and we need to leave them – all for the sake of our happiness. I like to read such posts, and with the sorrow that you liked to read posts of similar topics on my blog, I have prepared another one.


I hope you enjoy and you like it, but it is very important that you never forget to love yourself, because all the love that comes from you and which you can give to other people, you must first give yourself. That’s why you love yourself and respect yourself, this is the only way to realize your dreams! And I’m here to believe in you, always!



  1. Give up on the need to impress other people


There is no need to go through life asking yourself if you will be good enough. For what is all this? You are a person for yourself, and when you stay alone, you must love yourself because there will be no other people to love you. So be yours, do not bother to impress anyone except yourself. And the real people will come and love you as much as you will love yourself. This life is short for false love, be honest and just be who you are!



  1. Give up on the past


This isn’t easy to understand, and it is very hard to do in real life, but sometimes you have no choice, the past is just there to keep you where she is, in the back. She is part of you, but you are not part of she anymore and you do not have to spend days and nights thinking about what could have been different there somewhere, in the past. Everything you have now is the present moment, do not waste it on the one that has passed, you know it will never come back.


  1. Enjoy yourself


It is possible that I have already talked about this topic on my blog, but I don’t know if we are aware of how hard we work and that it is very important to please ourselves. Brew tea, walk, dance with music, eat delicious food, spend a perfume collection, do anything that will make you beautiful when you look in the mirror and do more what will make you feel good even if when you are not looking at the mirror. Your body and your mind are working hard everyday, so give them a little bit of attention.


  1. Choose to believe in love


Love is a very difficult topic for talking today and in general, many people do not believe in what love represents and what it means, but is it the reason why you do not believe in love? No, you know it’s not. Love is something that moves, and it does not have to be love between you and your chosen person, it can be love for everything, and that love is the most important. Believe in love, in love of life, in love for spring, sun, flowers, to people, believe that love is what will lead you through life. And just believe that love will change the world.


  1. What you can do today, do not leave for tomorrow!


Does this sound like cliches? Yes, definitely, but when you look at another perspective, this rule can really help you and it will make your life much happier. Try to things that you can do now, always do right now and finish with them as soon as possible. Because tomorrow may not come, and even if it comes, you do not have to deal with what you have left in the past. Do not be an enemy to yourself, help yourself to feel better when tomorrow comes!



And never forget:

Before anything in life,

Find yourself,

Be yourself,

And love who you are! ❣

dc hcniw

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